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554 East Mercury Blvd.
Hampton, VA

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1814 A/B Todds Lane
Hampton, VA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Easy. Sixty plus years. Our modern plant is staffed with experienced professionals. Quality product. Attention to detail and service with a smile

Laundered Shirts. Polo type shirts…Sweaters and Coats in winter…why do any of these at home?

Yes. We are extremely proud of the cleaning process used for Comforters and Blankets. They come back looking great and at an excellent price.

Simple. Attention to detail. We scrub every collar and cuff. Check all Buttons. We finish them professionally and package them the same.

No longer…we simply cannot turn out the expected quality in that time frame. Ask about Next Day Express when absolutely necessary.

Just ask us about Red Bag Service. Our employees will explain the advantages and how it works. You will love it.